10 Hottest Actresses On Fall's TV LineUp

These smoking hot celebrities from fall's TV shows will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Click through—and adjust your DVR accordingly.

Fall’s TV schedule has some new shows totally worth your DVR space—and others you might want to ignore completely. But we can guarantee one thing that’ll grab your attention for sure, even if a show’s premise makes you eye-roll (ahem, Beauty and the Beast) : There are certainly some sexy ladies on the lineup this season.

So we’ve pulled together a list of 10 women who star in shows premiering this fall (complete with photos, of course). Some of these smoking hot actresses might be new to you, while others are TV vets—but all are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Guaranteed.

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1. Teri Reeves

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 31
Hometown: Bay Area, California
Role: Hallie Case in Chicago Fire (NBC; premieres Wednesday, October 10th, 10/9 Central)
Reeves is a newcomer on the TV scene, but had pretty good luck scoring a spot on Chicago Fire, a show from Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf, of the Law & Order brand, and creators Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, the writing team behind 3:10 to Yuma. As a hospital resident, Reeves’ character is dealing with her separation from Lieutenant Matthew Casey, also knows as the suave Aussie from House. The show follows firefighters, rescue squads, and paramedics from Chicago Firehouse 51 with no shortage of intense situations and hotties for you— and enough firehouse family drama to keep your girl occupied too.

2. Rachael Taylor

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 28
Hometown: Tasmania, Australia
Role: Jane Van Veen in 666 Park Avenue (ABC; Sundays, 10/9 Central)
Moving from the Midwest to the Big Apple can be a life-shifting change for anyone, but when Jane Van Veen (played by Rachael Taylor) and her boyfriend move to The Drake apartments on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, they quickly discover that they’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. A more grown-up, sci-fi version of Gossip Girl, this show is sexy, sensual—and a bit out there, as the Drake’s residents (and the accompanying drama) are driven by supernatural forces.

3. Kristin Kreuk

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 29
Hometown: British Columbia, Canada
Role: Catherine Chandler in Beauty and the Beast (CW; premieres Thursday, October 11 at 9/8 Central)
Kristin Kreuk, of Smallville fame, plays homicide detective Catherine Chandler. While working a case, Chandler discovers that a doctor who was believed to be dead has actually been living in hiding for the past 10 years—and when this doctor becomes enraged, he turns into a (surprise!) beast with superhuman strength. Although the plot might not immediately grab your attention, we’re sure the sexy tension between the beauty and the beast will keep you satisfied—role play anyone? Plus it’s worth tuning in for a few episodes, just to seek Kreuk and the show’s other badass women, like Nina Lisandrello, in action.

4. Dakota Johnson

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 22
Hometown: Aspen, Colorado
Role: Kate Fox in Ben and Kate (Fox; Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30 Central)
Funny girls have taken over your screen, and newbie Dakota Johnson isn’t one to miss—she has already racked up fame by appearing in films like The Five-Year Engagement, 21 Jump Street, and The Social Network. In Ben and Kate, Johnson stars as Kate Fox, sister to oddball brother played by Nat Faxon, who you might remember from Beerfest or Reno 911!. Ben moves in to help Kate care for her 5-year-old daughter, Maddie (a college-era “oops!), and it’s a situation primed for constant laughs. Bonus: Lucy Punch, the hilarious Brit from Bad Teacher and Dinner For Schmucks, stars as Kate’s sexy, free-spirited best friend.

5. Janet Montgomery

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 26
Hometown: Bournemouth, England
Role: Martina Garetti in Made in Jersey (CBS; Fridays at 9/8 Central)
You might recognize Janet Montgomery from her supporting role as a dancer in Black Swan, but after watching Made in Jersey, you’ll remember her as the show’s street-smart and super sexy lawyer, Martina Garetti. You’ll get sucked in by the hilarious antics of Garetti’s very large, very Italian family—and be majorly impressed by how well this sexy Brit pulls off a Jersey accent.

6. Hayden Panettiere

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 23
Hometown: Palisades, New York
Role: Juliette Barnes in Nashville (ABC; premieres Wednesday, October 10th, at 10/9 Central)
It’s not news that this 23-year-old is uberhot, but her new role on Nashville not only showcases her stellar legs—but also her ability to carry a tune. Panettiere’s sassy character, Juliette Barnes, climbs to the top of the country ladder, but she’s also troubled by a past that could get in her way. (Drama!) Also on the show is 23-year-old Aussie actress Clare Bowen, who might challenge Barnes in the talent and looks departments. (More drama!) So just like you promised your girl you watched Heros for the action, get ready to swear to her that Nashville is all about…the singing?

7. Georgia King

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 25
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
Role: Goldie Clemmons in The New Normal (NBC; Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30 Central)
This Scot is a newcomer to the American screen, but her role as Goldie in The New Normal, from producer Ryan Murphy of Glee and Nip/Tuck fame, is sure to secure her recognition. The show follows a gay couple as they choose Goldie as their surrogate mother, and—following Murphy’s usual formula—mixes good times and controversy, topped off with a homophobic, racist grandma. Yikes. But just know this: King’s girl-next-door look works well for her character as a hot mama to her 9-year-old daughter and a soon-to-be surrogate to David (The Hangover’s Justin Bartha) and Bryan (Andrew Rannells, who performed in The Book of Mormon on Broadway). Can you say “MILF?”

8. Sophia Bush

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 30
Hometown: Pasadena, California
Role: Ali in Partners (CBS; Mondays at 8:30/7:30 Central)
Bush reigned for nine years on One Tree Hill (yeah, we can’t believe that show lasted that long either)—and now she’s back. Her new show is about two dudes (one gay, one straight) and what happens when relationships get in the way of their budding bromance. Bush plays Ali, the business-savvy fiancee of one of the bros, Joe (played by David Krumholtz from Numbers).

9. Jamie-Lynn Sigler

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 31
Hometown: Jericho, New York
Role: Emily in Guys With Kids (NBC; Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30 Central)
If your life revolves around dirty kids, dirty diapers, and (possibly?) a dirty ex-wife, Guys With Kids will hit close to home. It has some stellar backing credits, including executive producer Jimmy Fallon and director Scott Ellis, of Modern Family and 30 Rock fame, and Sigler stars as Ali, the cute-and-witty wife of Nick—a role that takes her far away from her serious Sopranos days.

10. Laura Benanti

feedmen, 10 hottest actresses on fall's tv lineupAge: 33
Hometown: Kinnelon, New Jersey
Role: Lauren Schneider in Go On (CBS; Tuesdays at 10/9 Central)
Matthew Perry, who plays Ryan King, is making a comeback on the sitcom Go On—and newcomer Laura Benanti is probably going to help him do it. Benanti plays King’s grief counselor, who takes a type-A, all-business approach to running each group-therapy session. Her quirkiness and sex appeal, though, come through in her scenes opposite Perry. Hot!


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